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Another Listing Sold

  I love the above-shown collage, “Eleven”. Another example of reusing/repurposing books that have long outlived their purpose. This one sold via my store on Amazon, which is starting to get a little traction. Selling on there isn’t as easy as Etsy, per se, but there is a lot of reach if one is willing to put in the work.… Read more →

Busy Busy!

Hello, 2018! Nice to see you. Despite how quiet the blog is here on my domain, I’ve been super busy. In addition to creating more collages, I’ve been working on other skills like sketching and digital collage. I’ve had some custom work and sales to handle, too. I’m still selling on Etsy (here’s my store link) and also on Amazon… Read more →

A New Collage

Today I put the finishing touches on a large 16×20 canvas, titled “Killarney Rose”. It’s made up of a gorgeous group of images, and layer upon layer of paint and paper. The inspiration came from the Internet Book Archive on Flickr, where I found the central image of the rose. It was quite fun to put together, and it’s now… Read more →

Getting Noticed Is Cool.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on trying to learn a few things around SEO, marketing, etc.. And it’s interesting to see the data once a change is made. Of course, it’s not always easy to know if action X generated response Y. For instance, I added some analytics to this site, and found I had some folks visiting… Read more →


Because I can’t leave well enough alone -and, sometimes change is good- I’ve altered the structure of Cipher Art a bit. I removed the store I created here; to be honest the plugin I have is clunk, took a long time to edit, and could not be synced with my Etsy storefront, where most of my traffic is happening. But,… Read more →

Updates & More

It’s been a busy few days around here. I’ve been going through pieces which went dormant -where I lost direction and just couldn’t find it- and seeing if anything sparked. A couple of those pieces turned into nice finished collages, and I’ve posted them on Facebook. And if you’ve ever moved, you know unpacking is usually a months-long process. Well,… Read more →