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Another Listing Sold

  I love the above-shown collage, “Eleven”. Another example of reusing/repurposing books that have long outlived their purpose. This one sold via my store on Amazon, which is starting to get a little traction. Selling on there isn’t as easy as Etsy, per se, but there is a lot of reach if one is willing to put in the work.… Read more →

Why I Do Custom Work.

Since beginning this journey as a mixed media artist in 2013, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing why I do what I do. From what colors and images I choose, to what techniques I shun or embrace, and even why I give away at least 20% of the art I make in a year. Those that know me in… Read more →

Dada: A Movement of Anti-Art

This article is from 2014, but it’s got some interesting profiles and information about the Dada movement. It’s a period of history that’s fascinating to read about; the change and upheaval that surrounds the 1900’s is deep and can be explored from a dozen vantage points- politics, foreign relations, industry, and of course art. Dada began post World War I,… Read more →

Qblique Strategies

This article captured my interest for a few reasons. There aren’t many artists like Brian Eno, for one, and two- who doesn’t need strategies and ways to cope with creative block? Sometimes my block manifests itself as starting a project and then having no idea how to proceed with it. Other times, it’s simply getting started. There’s not a more… Read more →