New Collage

My first work in the new place! I found a card, folded in half with a couple chicken-scratched numbers on it the other day. Someone had dropped it in a store. So I took it home and it sat. Then it all sort of came together. Since I’m starting to see Halloween stuff in stores (ALREADY- ARGH), I was inspired… Read more →

Live In Durham!

Well, the move is over and while it was quick, it sure wasn’t painless. But it’s done and with a few more dedicated hours things will start looking up and more organized. My art room remains a work-in-progress with a lot to be figured out before I can resume creating. I’m super behind on photographing new works to be added… Read more →

All Moved!

Well, we got moved in 12 days. I think that must be a record. My art room has been chosen, and as far as I’ve gotten is setting up the tables so I can stack boxes under and on top of them. So. much. unpacking. left. It’s a bit disheartening. Hopefully soon I’ll be back to creating. For now, it’s… Read more →

More Storage! Never a bad thing.

I’ve been working on this for about 2 months but had gotten sidetracked due to weather (too hot & humid) and other chores. But it’s finally done. This cabinet was moldering and would have eventually rusted through but I was able to rescue it from turning into scrap. The stats: 27 drawers Solid metal 30 inches wide 36 inches tall… Read more →

New Collages

Though my schedule has gotten a bit cramped, I’ve continued to work on several pieces at once. Below are the two most recent entries, and ones I will hopefully get photographed and put on Etsy when the local art show ends 7/31. “The Heart Spoke” 6×6 Masonite panel Found papers, stamps $25 + shipping “Dada Watches” 8×8 Gallery stretched canvas… Read more →