First things first: All images in my media gallery and store are copyrighted. Any use of these images without express written permission is prohibited.

Now, onto the common questions!

Do you do commissioned work? Yes. Go to the “Commission Requests” form (the top navigation bar) and answer a few simple questions, and we’ll see if we can work on a vision that meets your needs. Once a course of action is agreed upon, I’ll be sure to give you a breakdown on additional expenses (such as having to purchase photos/images) and what to expect in terms of time frames. A list of things which may add to the cost of your commissioned item:

  • Purchased images/illustrations
  • Size of canvas
  • Amount of resources used (paper, paint, etc)
  • Whether it is an original work only or a giclee print is requested

NOTE: With all of my works, commissioned and otherwise, I retain the right to create prints to re-sell after the completion of a work.

For non-commissioned items, what’s your pricing structure? It really depends on how much time was spent, and what kind of materials were used, in a given piece’s creation. A collage can cost $25-$100+.


What kind of shipping do you use? The USPS is my current shipping method. For Raleigh/Durham/Mebane etc. area residents, I will also do local pick up.


What kind of payments do you accept? PayPal, and for local pick up I will accept cash or check.


Are you going to digital downloads of your work? I don’t plan to offer those for the foreseeable future.


How can I contact you? Like the Commission Request form, there’s a Contact Us form at the top navigation bar on most pages.