Making Art Easier

Have you noticed in the beginning of making your art everything feels easy and after working for a while it gets difficult? Here are three ways to avoid that.

Source: Three Ways to Make Your Art Easier | Nicholas Wilton

This is a really helpful article, and I’m grateful my friend Andy sent me this. The past few months had been a huge struggle for me- I was living inside my head, thinking vs doing.

Part of the reason the impasse was overcome had to do with my art being featured locally in the show, but also Andy’s advice, which mirrors Nicholas’- work on multiple pieces at once.

At first I thought there was no way that could work, since I was feeling blocked from working on even one piece. But I tried it anyway, pulling out a few canvases where I’d done backgrounds and some that were totally blank.

Within the week, I had three completed pieces, and 4 more in varying states. It worked. Allowing my mind to shift instead of demanding I finish one piece before another was begun freed me from the blockage that had been plaguing me since mid-March.

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