Month: July 2015

More Storage! Never a bad thing.

I’ve been working on this for about 2 months but had gotten sidetracked due to weather (too hot & humid) and other chores. But it’s finally done. This cabinet was moldering and would have eventually rusted through but I was able to rescue it from turning into scrap. The stats: 27 drawers Solid metal 30 inches wide 36 inches tall… Read more →

New Collages

Though my schedule has gotten a bit cramped, I’ve continued to work on several pieces at once. Below are the two most recent entries, and ones I will hopefully get photographed and put on Etsy when the local art show ends 7/31. “The Heart Spoke” 6×6 Masonite panel Found papers, stamps $25 + shipping “Dada Watches” 8×8 Gallery stretched canvas… Read more →

New Collage

This particular canvas took months to come together. One night I was in the mood to create backgrounds without a central theme or driving image to go with them. I was pleased with the result but had no idea where to go with it next. Until about a week ago; then it l coalesced. “Danger” 6×6 Masonite panel, found papers,… Read more →

Making Art Easier

Have you noticed in the beginning of making your art everything feels easy and after working for a while it gets difficult? Here are three ways to avoid that. Source: Three Ways to Make Your Art Easier | Nicholas Wilton This is a really helpful article, and I’m grateful my friend Andy sent me this. The past few months had… Read more →

Public Domain Imagery

Occasionally I like to search Google or Flickr for random imagery. It helps jump-start my brain when I can’t get a collage to move forward. While perusing Flickr this afternoon I found several really neat pictures. Lately I’ve been drawn to geometry, blue prints, and medical illustrations. Here are a few I thought others might find interesting.       Read more →