Month: June 2015

Circus & Side Shows

Roll up! Roll up! Feast your eyes on never before seen wonders of the world. Mysteries of humanity and kings of beasts. Source: Circus & Side Shows | Retro Inspiration | Free Retro Vectors | Free Retro Vectors Need some inspiration, circus-style? Retro Vectors serves it up with a blast from the big-top past. Read more →

Movin’ Like Hotcakes

Wow. If this continues, I may have to start completely over with my Etsy/domain store! As mentioned in previous posts, I’m part of the Hillsborough Art Walk, and my work’s being displayed through 7/31 at the best little local pub ever, Mystery Brewing Company. (NC beer/beer scene is fantastic, y’all. Come see for yourself if you haven’t.) It’s not even… Read more →

For New Visitors

It occurred to me this morning that there might be a few new faces here on the site that are looking because of the Art Walk that just kicked off. If so- hi! Welcome to my slice of the Internet. I happily do custom work, and you can view a number of my past works here on the site. Feel… Read more →

History Made New

I’m always fascinated by the way history -images, music, or writing- can be adapted and re-adapted in modern times. We’ve done it for millennia, and will continue to do so. While perusing the web for inspiration, I headed over to Vintage Printable and found this gem. I love finding letters from historical figures; so many possibilities for thematic explorations. Read more →

Art Walk Debut- A Success!

Last night was the art walk in town, and it was full of fun surprises. Firstly, my work will be displayed for a month- which is fantastic! I hope it brings a lot of enjoyment to the patrons of Mystery Brewing Company. I spoke with the owner, and he was thrilled with my work- it really made him happy to… Read more →

Art Walk Update

This morning I spent a couple hours setting up my show, “Moments Captured” at Mystery Brewing Company’s public house. It’s going to be part of the Hillsborough Art Walk– and not just today, but for a month! The set up went pretty well, and we managed to snag some shots as we did it- it’s not the whole show, but… Read more →

Local Art Walk Showing

Some great news in Cipher Art land! Friday 6/26/15 I will be the featured artist at Mystery Brewing Company’s public house. If you’re local, come on down and see what’s happening. Also, their new line of summer beers have launched and they are spectacular. Art + beer + good people = awesome. Come see me and the Mystery gang! Read more →

A Year! A Whole Year.

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since I set up this domain and my Etsy shop. It’s been a strange, informative, and occasionally frustrating trip. But a worthwhile one. I’m not 100% sure what year two of Cipher Art will be about. Hopefully learning, creating, and perhaps teaching if the right opportunity comes along. I love to teach… Read more →