Month: April 2015

Storage and More Storage

Through a complicated series of events I won’t go into here (because it would bore you), I landed an amazing storage container for my art supplies and smaller pieces. It needs some TLC of the sand-and-paint variety, but when it’s done it should look amazing. It looks almost identical to this. Traditional Filing Cabinets Pretty neat, eh? Once it’s rehabbed… Read more →

100 Diagrams That Changed The World

Unsurprisingly, I am a huge fan of ancient texts, especially when those include art or drawings of any kind. The wonderful, insightful folks over at Brain Pickings have put together a list of some of the most influential diagrams ever committed to paper. Amongst the entrants: Vitruvian Man The Rosetta Stone Ptolemy’s World Map The Color Wheel …and many more.… Read more →

Recent Custom Work

In the past month or so I’ve had a couple of custom projects. One was for a good friend and former colleague who asked for a collage revolving around tea. As he’s Buddhist, I combined various Asian elements that spoke to his interests. He asked not to see the piece until he actually received it, and Monday he did. He… Read more →

Blocked, And It Feels So Baaaaad.

Occasionally all artists, whatever their medium, find themselves stuck. I am in that place right now, and have been for awhile. I think it’s a mixture of things causing it, and I’m trying to be at peace with it. When my creativity is in gear, it can last weeks and be very prolific. So these fallow periods don’t really surprise… Read more →

How Not To Critique

I belong to several groups on Facebook that center around collage or painting. They’re fun, informative, and full of lovely art. There are always pieces I don’t care for, but the skill level is generally very high. I learn from those who have been at this thing called art way longer than myself. Today a member of my acrylic group… Read more →

Second Chance at Life Art Show

The art show in Denver earlier this months (4/2 to 4/13) looks like it was a smashing success and raised money for the American Transplant Foundation. I’m proud to have had my pieces displayed. They haven’t sold, but will be posted on the Foundation’s website soon. If still not sold, they’ve been donated to the Foundation for their future use.… Read more →