Month: March 2015

Dada: A Movement of Anti-Art

This article is from 2014, but it’s got some interesting profiles and information about the Dada movement. It’s a period of history that’s fascinating to read about; the change and upheaval that surrounds the 1900’s is deep and can be explored from a dozen vantage points- politics, foreign relations, industry, and of course art. Dada began post World War I,… Read more →

A New Collage

Today I put the finishing touches on a large 16×20 canvas, titled “Killarney Rose”. It’s made up of a gorgeous group of images, and layer upon layer of paint and paper. The inspiration came from the Internet Book Archive on Flickr, where I found the central image of the rose. It was quite fun to put together, and it’s now… Read more →

Eerie Photo of The Week

Flickr has been a major source of intrigue and inspiration for me these past few weeks. Though the site remains clunky (fix that, Yahoo! It’s overdue for a refresh), it is a wealthy of ideas, public domain images, and creative work. I’m in nearing the end of a large canvas project (16×20- large for me, anyway) and I was looking… Read more →

Reversal of Fortune- In A Good Way

Mondays are usually not good news days. At least not in my experience. But, today was an exception. I received notification that I did in fact get selected for the Second Chance At Life art exhibit in Denver. I am supremely honored to have been chosen for this event. Here’s the text if you don’t want to click through to… Read more →