Month: February 2015

On Not Making The Cut

Well, I didn’t make the selection for the Second Chances art show being put on by the American Transplant Foundation. I had really high hopes that I would make it, but it’s all good. It was very flattering to be asked to submit, and two really lovely pieces came out of it as a result. It was a very inspirational… Read more →

What IS Creativity?

If you’ve never read any Brain Pickings articles, I suggest you follow them on Facebook. They regularly post amazing articles on a variety of subjects and fascinating people. They just posted a great read about Jerome Bruner, a Harvard psychologist who has done extensive work on what creativity is, what it means, etc. There is something antic about creating, although… Read more →

Happy Birthday Edward Gorey!

Amazingly, I lived to be as old as I am and had not heard of Edward Gorey. I have lived a sadly sheltered -or perhaps filtered- life. Today would have been his 90th birthday. I first encountered him 6mno ago in my favorite local pub, Mystery Brewing. The restrooms contain posters of his The Gashlycrumb Tinies. Using the alphabet it… Read more →

Internet Archive Book Images

Open Culture on Twitter alerted me to this fantastic new archive that is now on Flickr. This new Flickr archive accomplishes something quite important. While other projects (e.g., Google Books) have digitized books and focused on text — on printed words — this project concentrates on images. Leetaru told the BBC, “For all these years all the libraries have been… Read more →

Getting Noticed Is Cool.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on trying to learn a few things around SEO, marketing, etc.. And it’s interesting to see the data once a change is made. Of course, it’s not always easy to know if action X generated response Y. For instance, I added some analytics to this site, and found I had some folks visiting… Read more →

And Now We Wait.

As I mentioned on the 1st of this month, I was invited to submit items for possible participation in an art show this spring. I’ve spent the better part of the time since the invite (about 10-12 days) getting the pieces ready. One was done, two were ideas that sprang forth out the inspiration the invite caused. Yay! But, as… Read more →

Interesting Photos

While searching out random inspiration, projects for later, and the like I was looking at some great photo collections on Flickr Commons. You are quite likely to find something interesting, maybe even disturbing. Case in point: search medical on the link I just put above. You will probably not thank me later.

Still, I found some neat stuff, and spent a lot of time looking through an amazing collection of images. If you’re bored, or looking for images specific to a certain period of history, you’ll probably find some pretty neat things you’ve never seen before. For instance, I found these: Read more