Another Listing Sold

  I love the above-shown collage, “Eleven”. Another example of reusing/repurposing books that have long outlived their purpose. This one sold via my store on Amazon, which is starting to get a little traction. Selling on there isn’t as easy as Etsy, per se, but there is a lot of reach if one is willing to put in the work.… Read more →

Why I Do Custom Work.

Since beginning this journey as a mixed media artist in 2013, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing why I do what I do. From what colors and images I choose, to what techniques I shun or embrace, and even why I give away at least 20% of the art I make in a year. Those that know me in… Read more →

Busy Busy!

Hello, 2018! Nice to see you. Despite how quiet the blog is here on my domain, I’ve been super busy. In addition to creating more collages, I’ve been working on other skills like sketching and digital collage. I’ve had some custom work and sales to handle, too. I’m still selling on Etsy (here’s my store link) and also on Amazon… Read more →

A New Collage Collection

First off, I’ve been neglecting my domain here. Bad artist, bad! But I’ve decided to recommit to posting here more often and adding more photos.  I just completed a series of collages that I’m really thrilled with, and the collection is titled “What Once Was”. Each piece contains multiple recycled/reclaimed elements, including lots of book pages, book covers, and scrap… Read more →

Handmade Gifts For Christmas- A Guide

The talented Seth Apter put together a great post about this subject; some people are probably wondering whether they should make something artistic for friends or family. This year, we’re not really celebrating Christmas due to work schedules and some other (good but time-consuming!) events. I opted to gift a couple close friends with pieces I’d done earlier in the… Read more →


I got an invitation to apply for AmazonHandmade a couple weeks back. My first thought was that it took a long time for them to chase after Etsy’s turf. But they did, and here we are. There was a lengthy questionnaire that I think was intended to weed out people who are hobbyists or are truly big-time studios. It was… Read more →